Our factories offer a complete range of cost efficient manufacturing and filling services. Flexibility within our production facilities means we can handle the most difficult of products including high performance, two-pack, metallic and hammer finishes, silicones and all manner of special-effect decorative products.  Production equipment is available that covers most methods of manufacture, including high speed dispersion, vacuum and fully enclosed mixers, blending, horizontal bead mill, basket mill and sub mill.

Suitable for the majority of situations our on-line packaging facilities are modern and flexible, designed to efficiently handle everything from high volume orders to limited runs of small or difficult to handle shapes and pack sizes. Low volume lines and small pack sizes can help remove your manufacturing inefficiencies. This flexibility has allowed our clients the freedom to choose pack sizes and configurations that exactly meet their customer’s needs, resulting in real competitive advantage. Our facilities have, above all, been designed to sustain volume production yet retain the unequalled flexibility and speed of response that delivers exceptional value to clients. We are proud of our facilities and welcome client visits or audits as part of our commitment to continuous improvement.

•    Quality testing to customer specification
•    Security of supply from two separate sites in the UK and Belgium
•    Service support for times of peak demand
•    Unrivalled flexibility and response times
•    Hazardous materials capability
•    Specialist low flash production
•    Two component and moisture curing polyurethane facilities
•    Colour dispersing, grinding, milling and strength control
•    Vacuum and fully enclosed mixers
•    Batch size from 150-5000 litres
•    Packaging formats from 20mI to 1000 litre IBC