Outsourcing has long been recognised as an important strategic tool by many manufacturing companies.
It can lead to increased profitability, reduced costs, internal service level maintenance and improved customer service.

Strategic outsourcing is much more than sub-contract manufacturing.  The best results are seen when the partnership is recognised as a key part of the company’s strategy in tackling a range of important business issues. Companies can now successfully outsource a wide range of services, including R&D, purchasing, manufacturing and supply chain management. Entering into a professional partnership allows you to focus on your core strengths and direct these to growing your business.

We believe that of all the qualities Tor brings to partnership services, none is more fundamental than total customer confidentiality. When required, each new partnership begins with a signed mutually agreed confidentiality agreement. Legally binding, this contract means that all arrangements remain completely confidential. Long term commitment, confidentiality, trust and reliability are the backbone of any successful partnership.

We are totally committed to partnerships and our business has been built on a foundation of trust.